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How I Met Your Mother Rally (HD, TV-14) Barney suffers from a massive hangover on the morning of his wedding, leading the gang to go on the hunt for ingredients in his legendary hangover cure.
Last Man Standing Mother Fracker (HD, TV-PG) After Vanessa gives a complex presentation about her work for an oil company at Eve's career day, the class accuses her of destroying the Earth.
Last Man Standing Circle of Life (HD, TV-PG) Mike brings home a dead duck he shot for dinner, and Kristin is horrified that he would expose Boyd to the violence of death; Boyd stops eating meat.
2 Broke Girls And The Piece of Sheet (HD, TV-14) Caroline feels guilty about using their group funds to buy hair extensions, leading her to buy a new bedding set for Max and give her old one to charity.
2 Broke Girls And The '90's Horse Party (HD, TV-14) Caroline and Max decide to throw a '90s-themed party at the diner in hopes of raising money for their cupcake business; Caroline runs into her ex-boyfriend.
Mike & Molly Fight To The Finish (HD, TV-14) While feeling ignored by Mike, Molly becomes frustrated at working with Peggy when Peggy refuses to help finish their book project.
Dressed to Kill (TV-14, R, **+) When a housewife's amorous indiscretions lead to her murder, her son teams up with a prostitute to track down the mysterious killer.
Messenger of Death (R, **+) A Mormon mans wives and children are brutally murdered in a massacre in his own home, and a journalist decides to follow the investigation.
« House Broken, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) House undergoes a detox program to get past the vicodin; House asks his roommate to help him blackmail his doctor, but devastating events humble him.
House Epic Fail (HD, TV-14) House surprises Cuddy with an announcement; a video game creator confounds the team with his diagnoses; Foreman wants House's job.
House The Tyrant (HD, TV-14) A controversial politician falls ill, and the team debates treating him; Wilson tries to make peace with a neighbor, but House exacerbates the situation.
House Instant Karma (HD, TV-14) A wealthy businessman blames his son's ailment on his financial success, and hopes to change things; Foreman and Chase present on the Dibala case.
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