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Last Man Standing The Force (HD, TV-PG) Mike and Vanessa push Eve to finish her college applications, but when she returns with a decision, her parents are caught off guard.
2 Broke Girls And the Near Death Experience (HD, TV-14) Caroline begins to panic after Nicholas reveals that he is going to leave his wife for her, causing her to get Max involved in the entire ordeal.
2 Broke Girls And the Messy Purse Smackdown (HD, TV-14) Caroline does a favor for Earl by putting his tax return in the mail, but gets sidetracked when she learns that Max has never filed and helps her file.
Mike & Molly Vince Takes a Bath (HD, TV-14) When Vince suddenly throws out his back, Joyce is conveniently nowhere to be found, leaving Mike and Molly stuck with having to take care of him.
Mike & Molly Weekend with Birdie (HD, TV-PG) After Mike decides to bring a wandering puppy into the home for the weekend, Molly's struggle to bond with the dog causes her to question her mothering skills.
The Big Bang Theory The Commitment Determination (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon pressures Leonard and Penny to set a date for their wedding ceremony, all while coming to terms with some major relationship changes with Amy.
« I testigo (New) El público envía imágenes y su historia contando lo que sucede a su alrededor, ya sea nacional o internacionalmente; son imágenes relevantes, informativas.
LOL (New)
Qué jalada (HD, Repeat) Un espacio en el que se muestran videos graciosos de cosas extraodinarias que han sido puestos en el Internet.
En vivo con Elva y Chris (New) Enrtevistas a famosos invitados al estudio, con un segmento de cocina, actuaciones musicales, cotilleos y también noticias.
Noticiero Estrella TV (New) Información veraz sobre las noticias que ocurren en el país, así como en los países latinos, y los hechos y eventos que han causado impacto en el mundo.
Rica Famosa Latina (Repeat) Cinco mujeres nos abren las puertas de su vida para llevarnos de la mano a un mundo lleno de glamour, lujos y aventuras con intrigas y conflictos entre ellas.
« Hill Street Blues Last Chance Salon (TV-14) Renewed gang conflict terrorizes the owner of a small grocery store; Belker takes out his frustrations on an informant while undercover in a beauty parlor.
NYPD Blue The Bookie and the Kooky Cookie (TV-14) Simone and Sipowicz are following a bookies murderer when they are offered some help; Donnas temp is moved to the anti-crime lab upstairs when Donna returns.
The Incredible Hulk The Beast Within (TV-PG) David gets a job working at a zoo, researching control methods for animal aggressions for animals, and works with a female scientist.
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Be Deviled (TV-PG) The being known as Sin disguises herself as Serena and comes to Hercules asking for his help in finding the evil Xerxos, an escaped murderer.
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