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Cougar Town Too Much Ain't Enough (HD, TV-14) Jules asks Andy to help her with a get-rich-quick scheme; Grayson wants to appear cool in front of Travis' new friends; Bobby has trouble with his new bag.
The King of Queens Offtrack ... Bedding? (HD, TV-PG) Doug's father leaves town for a toy train convention and his mother begins to spend some time alongside Arthur, causing awkwardness for him.
Are We There Yet? The Hand on a House Episode (HD, TV-PG) Kevin and Lindsey enter Nick into a contest that determines its winner by who can keep their hand on a house for the longest period of time.
Raising Hope Burt Mitzvah - The Musical (HD, TV-14) When Burt's parents come to town, they give him the news that he is actually Jewish, and must take a musical crash course to learn about his heritage.
Raising Hope Mother's Day (HD, TV-14) Burt and Barney take a road trip to Maw Maw's childhood home to celebrate Mother's Day, only to make a discovery that will shock the family.
Everybody Loves Raymond Ray's Journal (HD, TV-PG) Ray is shocked to learn that Marie not only has read his childhood journal, but that she also deciphered his secret code.
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