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« The People's Court Father/Son family feud. (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A father and son have a disagreement.
Friends The One Where Rachel Quits (HD, TV-14) Rachel makes a rash decision after Gunther tells her she needs to be retrained; Phoebe tries to help Joey when he gets a job selling Christmas trees.
Friends The One with the Morning After (HD, TV-14) Ross unsuccessfully tries to prevent Rachel from learning that he slept with Chloe, the copy store employee; Rachel breaks up with Ross.
Rules of Engagement Cooking Class (HD, TV-14) Jeff and Audrey decide to join Adam and Jen's healthy cooking class, but things get heated and turn into a competition after Jen insults Audrey's cooking.
Rules of Engagement Bros Before Nodes (HD, TV-14) Russell is worried about getting his father's approval of Liz; Jeff is more concerned about his guys' weekend being canceled than Audrey's feelings.
Last Man Standing Wedding Planning (HD, TV-PG) As Kristin and Ryan try to plan their wedding with low cash funds, Mike offers to help them out, but they're not sure they want a gift with strings attached.
« El show de Lagrimita y Costel Los traviesos de la Sierra (Repeat, TV-PG) Este dúo cómico formado por un padre y su hijo entretiene al espectador con su espectáculo cómico y sus treinta años de experiencia.
Perros de pelea (NR)
I testigo (New) El público envía imágenes y su historia contando lo que sucede a su alrededor, ya sea nacional o internacionalmente; son imágenes relevantes, informativas.
« Hill Street Blues Dressed to Kill (aka Double Jeopardy) (TV-14) Belker and others dress in drag in order to catch a serial rapist; Neal attempts to uncover the officer who framed LaRue; Esterhaus contemplates his love-life.
Hill Street Blues Film at Eleven (TV-14) When a film crew visits the precinct, a reporter joins Hill and Renko on a patrol; LaRue and Washington come closer to figuring out who shot Hill and Renko.
Hill Street Blues Choice Cut (TV-14) After an armed robbery goes wrong, Furillo must negotiate for the release of hostages while delaying Hunter from deploying his heavy artillery.
Hill Street Blues Up in Arms (TV-14) Esterhaus seeks to find his nemesis that has just gotten out of prison; Santini and Harris encounter the black van; Hill and Renko's alleged shooter released.
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