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The Big Bang Theory The Comic Book Store Regeneration (HD, TV-PG) Wolowitz receives unexpected news before the reopening of Stuart's comic book store; Penny tries to coach Sheldon in the art of "letting it go."
The Middle The Second Act (HD, TV-PG) Frankie goes to tech school to secure a real career; Sue mentors a new freshman; Mike is upset when Brick won't put down a book to meet Mike's friends.
The Middle Bunny Therapy (HD, TV-PG) When Brick develops another tic, Mike and Frankie are encouraged by the school therapist to get him a small pet, which turns out to be evil.
Modern Family A Hard Jay's Night (HD, TV-PG) Mitch is trying to not reveal how he really feels concerning the wedding topper that Cam's father whittled out of soap as a gift for them.
Modern Family Australia (HD, TV-PG) Phil decides he is going to carry out his mother's desire for him to reconnect with the land in which he was conceived and the whole family is going with him.
Seinfeld The Summer of George (HD, TV-PG) After receiving a severance package from the Yankees, George decides to take a few months off and initiates "The Summer of George"; Kramer wins a Tony award.
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