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« NCIS: New Orleans Father's Day (HD, TV-14) The team must locate Special Agent Pride and the mayor of New Orleans after the two are abducted and held hostage by an unidentified aggressor.
Elementary One Watson, One Holmes (HD, TV-14) Holmes and Watson are thrown into the heart of a digital civil war that is taking place on the Internet after a member of a hacker organization is found dead.
The Simpsons Forgive and Regret (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) On his deathbed, Grampa makes a certain confession to Homer that will not be easy to deal with after Grampa manages to recover back to health.
Family Guy Secondhand Spoke (HD, TV-14) After he takes up smoking cigarettes, Peter is promoted as the face of an anti-smoking campaign by an advertising executive who wants him to continue smoking.
black-ish Old Digger (HD, TV-14) Dre has no problem with Pops dating, but he becomes instantly defensive when Ruby asks him to meet her new boyfriend; Junior meets a woman on a website.
« Concierto en Estrella TV Alfredo Olivas y Alta Consigna (Repeat)
Historias delirantes Señorita Clara (Repeat) Un espacio donde se abordan temas como el poder, la ambición y la falta de integración familiar, en la lucha por lograr la herencia de un hombre muy rico.
Noches con Platanito Joss Favela (HD, Repeat) Revista entretenida presentada por Sergio Verduzo, el payaso para adultos en la que se presentan entrevistas, concursos y un segmento dedicado al humor.
« Black Sheep Squadron The Cat's Whiskers (TV-G) Pappy decides to make an unauthorized attack against a Japanese radar station in order to make him look better at his court martial.
Hunter Dead on Target, Part 1 (TV-PG) Hunter and McCall are assigned to investigate the apparent suicide of an old friend of Hunters from the Vietnam war and they uncover a twenty-year-old betrayal.
Hunter Dead on Target, Part 2 (TV-PG) Hunter continues to investigate the apparent suicide of his old friend from his days in the military and Hunter finds that many other Vietnam veterans are dead.
Hunter No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished (TV-PG) McCall receives an anonymous tip that leads her to believe that there will be an attack on her art class as an attempt to kill a murder witness.
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