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Mike & Molly Carl Gets a Roommate (HD, TV-14) Mike begins renovating the basement into a living area for him and Molly to live in; Carl invites Samuel to come live with him as a roommate.
The Big Bang Theory The Monster Isolation (HD, TV-PG) Raj falls into depression after a girl he meets at the comic book store walks out on him during a coffee date; Penny impresses Sheldon with her acting.
The Big Bang Theory The Contractual Obligation Implementation (HD, TV-14) Leonard, Sheldon and Howard return to junior high school to talk to the girls about careers in science; Raj plans a big date with Lucy.
The Middle Valentine's Day II (HD, TV-PG) Frankie helps Axl pick out a present and a restaurant to impress his girlfriend; Mike spills the beans about Brick's crush; Sue searches for a kiss.
The Middle Friends, Lies and Videotape (HD, TV-PG) Frankie tries to find a suitable friend for Brick; Sue sneaks into a theater to see a movie; Axl and his band try to get footage of their hot teacher.
Modern Family Phil on Wire (HD, TV-PG) Gloria can't stand Jay's growing relationship with Stella; Cameron goes on a fast with some rather terrible timing; Claire tries to teach life lessons.
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